magic-molly-coverA lovely children’s book written by Trevor Forest.
I have to say I love reading children’s books and this one thrilled me that I had to keep reading! There was adventure, suspense and comedy too within the story – I loved the parrot and the wand!
Molly is nine and can only take her witches’ promise when she is ten, however she is granted special permission on this occasion to save her parent’s from the VOID. Molly’s granny – Granny Whitewand (a lovely but much feared witch) accompanies Molly to the department store where she buys her witches clothes and her wand. She takes her to the place where the VOID can be found, but this is as far as she can go with Molly.
This is Molly’s task to complete alone otherwise she will see only one of her parent’s again. She cannot fail! Unlike other stories, here we see a community where being a witch doesn’t have to be a secret and that is great! It shows the author has ‘thought’ out of the box and is original.
Some quirky things I wished I had: a talking wand, a broomstick that would work,  a not-so-snotty parrot (who is fantastic by the way!) and a great granny like Molly’s! A book for all ages and not just for children, so go ahead and buy this book folks!
One thing I forgot to mention and I was so disappointed, then I was ecstatic – the ending is actually not the ending and there is book no.2 and no.3 of Molly’s adventure – Hooray!

Kimi’s Secret by John Hudspith

Another story about monsters, scary things and scary people? Not quite. This delightful story brought to us by John Hudspith is original and out of this world – literally!

Kimi Nicholls is a normal girl living in a village called Mousehole, Cornwall’s south coast. It is a normal day but wait, her left hand (named little hand) gets pins and needles and this can’t be a good thing. Her mum and dad begin to behave odd and they leave her sitting at the kitchen table, after a really confusing and alarming conversation.

In the next few minutes, she sees a crow who does bizzare things and Kimi is sure she heard it speak – three heart-stopping words…   Thunder rumbles and lightening strikes, things move and open and close around her house. More bizarre happenings and then, her world turns upside down! Bentley come for her – a cleverly created character who is Kimi’s imaginary, childhood friend – her Tulpa.

Bentley takes Kimi to another planet called Heart which has the time difference  – “One Heart hour is the same as one Earth minute”.  A brilliant concept!   Following the introduction of Bentley, we are transported into a world where there are Vortex’s, Balancers, ugly aliens called Greylians, talking monkeys – the Fuzz, Famoose and of course, angry crows. Oh, and have you ever eaten a dodo? It’s supposed to taste like ”chicken, pork and beef all rolled into one”.   Personally, I love the Famoose – fuzzy and shimmery.

Kimi’s Secret takes us on a whirlwind of events that fails to tire us. The fast pace story-telling has the fascinating ability to have us want to read on and find the clues with Kimi,  to complete the mission she has been led into. We want to know the answers to the questions that have formed in Kimi’s mind: why was there a crow at her house? Why were the parents acting wierd? What did those three words mean?

John Hudspith weaves a detective story within the story with magic mayhem, brilliant creatures, some which are truly disgusting – I will never like those aliens – oops, I mean Greylians!

We travel on through, finding more clues and come to an ending which will not leave you disappointed but will make you crave for more.