Boot Camp Bride – a review by Malika Gandhi

digital-book-boot-camp-bride-234x300A Book Review

Boot Camp Bride by Lizzie Lamb

This action-packed, hilarious, heart-wrenching, frustrating, amusing and amazing story begins with Charlee Montague, an intern at a magazine called What’cha!
Charlee is funny and can be challenging too, especially when she meets Raphael Ffinch, an award winning photographer, a successful novelist and a survivor of a kidnap attempt in Columbia! But the book’s not really about that.

It is actually about two ego-tistic, loveable but arrogant individuals, Charlee and Rafa – who fight their lust and love for one another and are in denial of their true emotions, as they go on a mission together, for the love of journalism and a big news scoop! A fake engagement leads them to much more than they bargained for when Charlee heads off to begin her journalistic investigations at a bride’s boot camp.

Packed with steamy scenes, lust – in a heart stopping way – hilarious but intriguing banter, Boot Camp Bride is a novel you must read!