SHATTERED by Karl Jones

Detectives, serial rapist and murderer, one suspect,┬áprejudice, small village, gossip. Do these aspects feed a good feel novel? Is it original? Let’s face it, we have read countless crime books such as Karl Jones’s Shattered…or have we? I don’t think so!

The way Karl Jones tells this story, is different. He has his own style, the fast-pace action brings us to the forefront and we feel we are in that scene, and that is what I admire about this novel.

The murder of a teenage girl is gruesome at its best. The detail is amazingly horrific! As Karl describes the killing, he has us screaming at the page. We want the brutality to stop! And this is just the first chapter. Then we take a pleasant breather in chapter two but not for long, as in chapter three, it happens all over again! Another killing!

The villagers are scared and the police begin their investigation. The more we read, the deeper we delve into the story, the more horrified yet curious we find ourselves to be. We are kept guessing who the rapist and murderer is and well, the person who DID it – the reader will never guess!

The structure of the story is cleverly planned. The action, the all too important discussions, take place in the right places and the story is neatly wrapped at the end, although I so see a potential for a sequel.

If you enjoy a good crime novel, then this is the book you need to get stuck into. There is never a dull moment.