5 reasonsThis book is a collection of three short stories based on relationships, all set in different perspectives  I found it refreshing to see how the relationship differed from a cat’s point of view and three couples. Never was it boring to read!

The first story is the story of Ellery, who finds her husband has cheated on her. The second tells the story of a unique relationship between a pet, her owner and his lover. The last story is about a loss in death of a long-standing relationship coming to an end.

I felt sorry for Ellery when she found her husband had cheated on her and yet, I felt for the other girl who was also a victim in so many ways. How Carolyn balanced this idea is interesting. The next story was a small shock to me as at first, I thought the one talking was a human but it soon clicked. I enjoyed this one quite a lot. The last one was quite sad but yet I felt enlightened.

The author uses the one ingredient to make these stories come to life and that is Passion.This emotion can be interpreted in many ways as the author drives us along smoothly through the pages.

If you are looking for short but good reads, I would recommend this novella!


2 thoughts on “5 REASONS TO LEAVE A LOVER By Caroln Moncel

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