SCHOOL OF THE AGES: The Ghost in the Crystal By Matt Posner

A unique story, School of the Ages (book 1) promises excitement and energy with a touch of magic from within. It could School of the Ages - Matt Posnerbe compared to Harry Potter for it’s secret boarding school and magic, but it far from it. Matt Posner writes of a school that teaches magic from within the mind and soul of the student. They don’t wear pointed hats or wave wands to use their magic effectively. There are no mythical creatures, witches or wizards but spirits, advisers and a travel through time to auspicious moments in history which is where the haunting ghost becomes prominent.  There is a death in the book, which for me was very sad.

The magic is based on meditation. The power comes from within the subconscious as does strategies of defense against the enemy. Teenage aggression and love among peers, emotions of jealousy – are poignant through the story.

Simon Magnus is haunted by a spirit from the very first day and doesn’t leave him alone until Simon makes a deal with him. In the midst of this, we see the school year with Simon, as he makes friends, fights a student who severely dislikes him, falls in love with the prettiest girl in the school, becomes best friend with his roommate and becomes acquainted with his study partner.

One of the things I loved, was that the lessons here are wonderfully different.  My favourite is the summoning of spirits who are imprisoned to a certain material such as a stone or an artifact. Here is where me ‘meet’ spirits and can ‘listen’ to their conversations with Simon – very interesting they are too!

This is a great story with the right ingredients and I will not be hesitating to read the other books in the series.


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