ANCIENT ECHOES by Katrina Bowlin-Mackenzie

This story has fascinated me. I won’t say I loved it as that has a totally different meaning to what I want wolfto convey here. It goes beyond that. Ancient Echoes is about the power of three strong, yet cautious women: Phaedra, Velora and Kyra. Although Kyra is the main character in the book, Phaedra, her mother and┬áVelora, her sister, have significant roles in this story.

The women are the daughters of Atlantis, who survived in a cave for a century after the City of Atlantis – their home, was submerged into the deep waters of the sea. The survival in the cave gave powerful abilities to the women: immortality and telepathy.

Phaedra is a prisoner in her own home, afraid to leave and fearing the demons of her past. Velora, a shape-shifter, is a rescuer of twelve lost children taken from the reservation. Her family of shape-shifters come handy when an unfortunate event befalls Kyra.

Kyra, the widow of Thorne, mourns his unfortunate passing away which leaves her alone and┬ávulnerable. In a turn of events, she becomes bait to an unruly clan of shape-shifters who want to tear and possibly kill her. They want Atlantis, with or without her…

The last chapters convey the telepathic conversations between Phaedra, Velora and Kyra when Kyra is taken prisoner on a boat. Will Velora be able to save her sister? Will Phaedra be able to overcome her fears as her past comes to haunt her all over again?

Katrina Bowlin-Mackenzie writes well with words to entice us forward into the story. Her pen weaves a relationship of supernatural/fantasy magic that will delight the reader.

I recommend this book whole-heartedly – a damn good read!