KIMI’S FEAR By John Hudspith

Kimi’s Fear, the sequel to Kimi’s SecretImage

When John Hudspith brought out the sequel to Kimi’s Secret, my initial thoughts were – would he be able to come up with new and fresh plots? How will he take Kimi’s adventures forward?  My fingers tingled  when I got the book in my hands and I couldn’t wait to start reading!

Kimi’s Fear brings back the usual favorites – Bentley, Stella, Big Sue and her tea towel, Rehd and Ruthie and the wonderful famoose! To add to this splendid cast, we meet the gorgeous Gorgeous and Signature – two totally different and inventive characters that add more fun to the story. Although I didn’t really see the reason for having Gorgeous in the book, nevertheless, I still loved her. Kimi’s Fear is about exactly that – her fear that she has to face and overcome in order to prove her innocence of killing the greylian – General Cohn (a character from Kimi’s Secret). 

The book is well structured and each chapter is a delight to read. My fingers kept turning the pages but I found myself a little dissapointed as I wanted more when the end came too soon.

John Hudspith raises the notion of time-travel in the first book and carries the concept through to Kimi’s Fear, although quite differently. Adding to this, he writes about life after death – if it is real or a glitch in one’s head at the time of death. Two interesting subjects to think about. Initially a story for children. Kimi’s Fear is also for the adult reader.

Kimi’s Fear – a highly recommended read by a very talented author!