The Wizard of Crescent Moon Mountain by Oldman Brook

I thought stories about wizards, dragons, elves and other magical and mythical creatures were done and dusted, overwritten and that no other author could write something different and original. I take back that thought!

The Wizard of Crescent Moon Mountain was given to me as a review copy in paperback. When I saw the cover, I loved it. It was appealing and promised a good read;  I wasn’t disappointed. Although the book was lengthy to read – 431 pages to be exact, I didn’t find one page boring or tedious. I enjoyed every page!

Brook describes a fantastic world where men, wizards, elves, dwarfs, dragons and shape-shifters live, although not side by side but that is another story. These are the good guys. There are bad, powerful and ugly ones too – the goblins, ogres, pets and warrior – the dark wizard who wants to take over Everlast. The characters are the ‘story’ and we hear of legends, myths and time travel.

Greybeard is a wizard who travels through Everlast with his friends, the dwarfs, the shape shifters, the elves and a cowardice man called Perrywinkle. They travel far and wide to find help from other such creatures such as the Jotunn who are giants and the dragons who can speak. They join the army of man and go into battle with the abhorrent warrior. This warrior is disgusting, revolting and a frightening monster that uses a dead man’s face as a mask. He has an army too – of goblins, who are too horrible to comprehend. Oldman brings us nice things as well such as the feasts, the warm cozy beds provided by a lovely women and a little love interest.

Oldman writes very good descriptions of all his characters of which I applaud him for. He throws in serious discussions and a few jokes as well to hollow out the slow build up of tension as the story develops.

I have my favourites – Pengwellen the dragon, dear old Greybeard the wizard, Stryker and Forster who are shape shifters. Everyone will hate the goblins because they are meant to be disliked. It is clear the narrator has a very dim view of them too!

So if you love to read fantasy, about creatures and of different worlds and of course of adventure, then go and get this book. It’s not often I get to read a spectacular story as this one!


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