Destiny of Angels by Wendy Steele

 Destiny of Angels is a book which wasn’t what I expected. From the title, I imagined the genre to be fantasy when in fact, it is fiction. The story revolves around three main characters, Angel, Aiden and Jenny. Angel and Aiden are witches who take part in pagan rituals and speak to the high powers of the Qabalah.

Angel practices high magic through the Qabalah which allows spiritual persuasion to enter the soul as it links with numerology, astrology and tarot amongst other things.

Their purpose in life is to bring contentment, peace and self belief to those they meet. One of them was Jenny who went through an ordeal with her husband which changed her life. Along the way, we meet many other characters. Some I understood why they were there and what the author was portraying about them but one or two puzzled me.

I have to admit it took me some time to get into the book and understand the storyline, which at times I found to be confusing but I wanted to know more about Jenny and Angel and as the story developed, I understood their position.

My favourite character is Jenny for her love for her children and her brave and powerful stance to make her life better, with the help of Angel.

Angel and Aiden’s story is also reviting and they sensual love for another is beautiful, yet powerful. They have a deep conncection between them that makes you want their lifestyle and the love they experience between them.

Wendy Steel writes without flaw. She describes scenes such as the pagan rituals and the sensuality between lovers beautifully and we get swept up in her dialogues.

For me, this book was very different and one I would not normally read but I am glad I did. Destiny of Angels is unique.


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